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Institute for International Programs

Lives Saved Tool (LiST)

mother and child

LiST: The Lives Saved Tool

An evidence-based tool for estimating intervention impact.

This new computer-based tool allows users to set up and run multiple scenarios to look at the estimated impact of different intervention packages and coverage levels for their countries, states or districts.

These scenarios, developed with the LiST tool, provide a structured format for program managers or ministry of health personnel to combine the best scientific information about effectiveness of interventions for maternal, neonatal and child health with information about cause of death and current coverage of interventions to inform their planning and decision-making, to help prioritize investments and evaluate existing programs. The LiST tool is meant to be used as part of the planning process—not as a replacement for planning.

A consortium of academic and international organizations, led by Institute of International Programs at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School, and supported by a Gates Foundation grant to the US Fund for UNICEF, has developed a user-friendly tool to estimate the impact of scaling-up maternal, newborn and child health interventions. Learn more about the LiST tool now.